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Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme (NAHSSS)

Allied Health Clinical Placement Scholarship

Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) receives funding from the Australian Government Department of Health to administer the allied health component of the Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme (NAHSSS).

The Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme: Allied Health Clinical Placement (NAHSSS: Allied Health Clinical Placement) is an Australian Government initiative to support allied health and oral health students to undertake a clinical placement in a rural or remote Australian community within an ASGC-RA rating between 2-5 during their degree.

ASGC-RA stands for Australian Standard Geographic Classification – Remoteness Area.

Go to to check the ASGC-RA classification for any location within Australia, (click the tab “Search the Map” and type in your location).

In determining rural or remoteness for NAHSSS: Allied Health Clinical Placement, the Australian Government acknowledges that universities within Tasmania and the Northern Territory do not provide oral health and most allied health courses. For the purpose of this scholarship program, clinical placements in the Northern Territory and Tasmania will be considered eligible for NAHSSS: Allied Health Clinical Placement regardless of the ASGC-RA classification.

The Clinical Placement Scholarship is offered by each calendar year and provides financial assistance for clinical placements in a variety of allied health practices including Aboriginal Medical Services, Community Health Care Centres, Hospitals, Public or Private Practices or a combination of these. 

SARRAH administers the Allied Health component of NAHSSS while the Australian College of Nursing administers the Nursing component.